Apollo Manchester; December 1982... Artwork by Manu.

Apollo Part 2
Apollo part 3

With a huge thanx to Autumnstone who gave it to me. ;)


Mark Edward Lee said...

I have decided to go take some classes to learn another language because I've used 'Thanks' so many times it may be losing its 'zest'
so, Merci!

Yann said...

Hey Mark, you're a top gentleman and Thanker number one. English is ok for me! :) Sometimes, I have 234 dls and no thank you except yours. ;) Best!

Mark Edward Lee said...

Hi, me again.
Thanks for the 'pat-on-the-back'.
My mama raised me well. It's our belief that if someone is kind enough to do something, or give you something without you even asking ..."my-god-man" take a second out of your "oh-so-busy" day and let them know that you appreciate what they have done.
I'll see you back here soon.
Thx ....Mark

N.D. said...

many, many thanks. muchas gracias.

MartinV said...

thank you all.

best wishes

liam23 said...

Many thanx Yann

sidollie said...

yann/manu/autumstone, thanks for another great gig!


Anonymous said...

Hello.... the links are no longer valid for this Jam Manchester 1982 show. Is there any chance that you can upload new links?

I was at this show and I am eager to download a copy...

Thank you in advance :)

Pardon-moi, je ne parle pas beaucoup de francais... avez-vous des links nouveux, s'il vous plait?

j'etait a cette concert en Manchester 1982 merci beaucoup en advance. mon ami :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Yann :)

Can you please re-upload the first of the three RAR files for the FLAC version of The Jam Manchester Apollo 1982?

The FLAC version is much, much clearer and better quality than the MP3 version that you re-upped recently. The MP3 version is very muddy, while the FLAC version is perfectly clear.

Many, many thanks in advance if you can please reupload the first RAR file of this FLAc version.

Best wishes,
ManchesterLad :)