Twisted Wheel on tour.

Twisted Wheel

Fancy some hard edged rock and roll? The sort they used to make back in 1977- fast, furious, adrenalin soaked. From a band whose name shouts out that they instinctively know the cultural significance of a Fred Perry polo and a pair of loafers. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The debut album from Twisted Wheel holds back at nothing. From the dirty guitar that leads into “Lucy The Castle”, right through to the final moments of “What‘s Your Name“, this record captures the band‘s live sound extremely effectively. I first saw them back in October 2007. They were great then. But they’ve developed a lot in the interim, with some class support slots with the likes of The Enemy, new tunes and a very tight sound.

Highlights? For me, the two standouts are the swaggering gang mentality of “We Are Us” and the full on bravado of “Oh What Have You Done”, a slice of “dirty rock and roll“, which fires out of the speakers like they can’t wait for tomorrow. Just like it should be in fact.

But they’re all top drawer. Nearly all the songs are fired with the most ferocious guitar since a young Steve Jones strutted his stuff down at the 100 Club - like “She’s A Weapon”, “You Stole The Sun“ and “Let Them Have It All“. The one exception is the acoustic “Bouncing Bomb“, a quality tune in its own right.

This is a record to restore the faith in the possibilities of what stripped down, no nonsense rock and roll can do. “Twisted Wheel” - the album of the year? You could do far worse “you dirty rock and rollers”.

Rob Massey

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