Two tickets to win for a Twisted Wheel / Paul Weller double bill gig.

Kevin Brown, TW's co/manager, offers the blog two tickets to win for Thetford Forest double bill's gig: Twisted Wheel and Paul Weller.

You can also Check Paul Weller News for Mini Fetsival performance, including Jonny's appearance.

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1) Two designers worked with Paul Weller and Work now with Twisted Wheel, who are they?
2) The Twisted Wheel and The Jam have a song's title in common, which one?
3) Where Jonny Brown got on stage with Paul Weller to celebrate a very british institution?
4) What's gonna happen to you with Lucy the Castle according to the song's lyrics?
5) Paul Weller helped them but another band helped them too, which one?

First right answers will win a pair of tickets for the double bill Twisted Wheel / Paul Weller at this gig: Friday Fifth June, Thetford Forest, Suffolk, UK. Send your answers to yviseur@free.fr. I WON'T win the tix! :)

Courtesy of Kevin Brown, Twisted Wheel's co Manager.

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