Will remove any legal material. There's not that much on this blog and we have an agreement with Paul Weller about the bootlegs.

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Affected URLs: Slam Slam


Cpt.Stax said...

SLAM SLAM ...hahahahaha... cant believe it! (but I do)

mca is making a claim for an album that probably sold less than 1000 copies at the time and it's out of print since then! how stupid these people are. record labels like that are in their last days of life and they are riding dead horses thinking to fight a lost battle, escape and survive. they still do not understand the internet and do not recognise when a sort of "illegal promotion" is making them a favour! stupid, you will die. god bless bright labels like "truth and soul" or "daptone" or "hammondbeat" or similar, these people can recognise a support, even when its coming from the underground world of bloggers. these people will survive, majors not.

HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

You said it Flav. Ridiculous!!!

Peace and SOUL,