A Father's day a gift. The Jam, Seinenkan Hall, Tokyo, Japan, 6th July 1980

There's several Seinenkan Hall nights, it's the 6 th July one. Manu designed a new cover for it. Enjoy.

Part one (Rapidshare)
Part Two (Sendspace)


Jerry said...

Not fathers day here but I'm dl!

Big thanks to all involved and the whole Cornershop crewe!

sidollie said...

fantastic! thanks guys! andy.

MartinV said...

nice gift.
thanks you both.

best wishes

Mark Edward Lee said...

Arigato gozaimasu!
Took me a while to learn how to say that properly just to later learn that all I really needed to say was "Domo"
So once again everyone, "Domo, love my 'Jam'".

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this amazing blog - I really have enjoyed looking through all your posts. The sendspace files are all unavaiable though which is a shame as some downloads are only half availablke and some not at all. Amazing site though.