If you want an alternate cover for Town and Country Club's gig... Manu did it.


MartinV said...

thanks Manu.

Can it be that the concert was on the 5th 12 1990 and not on the 6th 12 1990?

Yann said...

The setlists were very very closed but according to the Paul Weller live Archive, It should be the 6 th... Have to check again. best, Martin! :) To say the complete truth about the sleeve, it's been actually shot on december the 6 th but... in 1998 and I was in La Cigale, a Frenc Parisian Venue. Awesome gig with Paul, Steve, Ernie McKone on Bass and Matt Deighton from Mother Earth. there was 500 ticks to sell, and 470 english in the venue, a bunch of french and two Japanese who came from Japan FOR the gig. I also met Julie Kershaw at that gig. She had a fanzine at the time. Anyone knows where she is now?