Mojo Classics Britpop special: "Paul Weller, The Mod Warrior fights back"

MOJO CLASSICS' Britpop Special - featuring the stories behind all the top Britpop bands, all-new interviews, unseen pics, and your guide to the 60 finest '90s albums - goes on sale June 10. It features all the Britpop greats, including Blur, Oasis, Pulp, Paul Weller, Elastica, plus the crazy crash-and-burn antics of Menswear, Shed Seven, Gene and many more.

In an exclusive interview, Graham Coxon tells the rollercoaster tale of Blur's addled decade, and imparts the following salutary ruminations on fame... "My idea of success in a group is [based on] what I saw on The Who's film The Kids Are Alright: an awful lot of heroic playing and some extremely funny gags. What you don't see in that film is the agony that Keith Moon is going through, and what he's putting everyone else through. You don't see how real, brutal and fucking horrible alcohol addiction is, then you finally realise that it's got its claws into you. It's a cold, hard, horrible feeling. It's too late when you know it. And, in that way, then the party's over." And on Blur's break-up and re-formation...

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