New Contest, Twisted Wheel & Paul Weller Forest 's tour! A pair of tickets to win with a possible all areas access!

If you answer to these Kevin Brown's five questions, you will be on the guest list for a forest's gig and the amazing double bill: Paul Weller and Twisted Wheel. You can read Simon Cooper's night below!
The competition will run for a complete week.

1) What stage will Twisted Wheel be playing at Glastonbury?
2) Which Twisted Wheel track gives reference to Camden Town?
3) Who keeps a hammer up his sleeve?
4) Which festival are Twisted Wheel playing in Japan?
5) Who takes no slack?

WRITE ME: yviseur@free.fr
Kevin will pick up in the good answers...

If you check carefully the Twisted Wheel Official Website, and listen the record, It should be pretty easy...

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