Paul Weller 1991, Live at the Brixton Academy, a new Sleeve.

I think there's no DVD edition of this one. When Paul Came back live, the soul was with him. He had a great band, Stevie on Drums and the very funky Henry Thomas on Bass. He was very soul at that time and you can easily feel he wanted to have a revenge on everything, on people who refused the last Council LP. He said it himself on a Dutch interview. Splinters people and the SK47 team (Mod bless you!) converted a japanese Laser disc into a DVD playable on many ordinary readers... Manu Gomez, the great, designed a CD sized sleeve for your pleasure. NICE, isn't it? And there's Tin Soldier on the setlist...

And because we have good mates on the list, like Andy and Alex, you can also enjoy these videos:

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sidollie said...

this is a great cover! thanks manu & yann! andy.