Paul Weller Movement in NYC, 1991.


dr.bigsound said...

Thanks Yann to post this concert.

Yann said...

Wow; someone who thank! :) Thanx, Doc! :)

. said...

thanks Mate !!! I love these early gigs !!!! this early solo period is one of my favefrom the solo era of the ModFather !

All the best

Mark Edward Lee said...

Happy summer time everyone!
I'm bringing this show with me to the beach tomorrow and everyone there is gonna love it!
You'all invited too.
What a great show, Thanks!

. said...

lucky man mark edward lee ! here it's fall november in june !!!!!!!!!

MartinV said...

thank for this early on.

best wishes

HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

I WAS AT THIS GIG! My first time seeing Weller live. An amazing, amazing night!!

Peace and SOUL,

The Badge said...

Yeah, I was at this one too. Good times.

Harry Bollocks said...

TA very much Yann! Can't wait to download this.

I have some early Paul Weller Movement recordings in LA:

The Greek Theater, July 29, 1992

Roxy show (LA strip) Nov 17, 1992

And his 106.7 FM - KROQ radio (the infamous "Love Line" - where he walked out).

I would be happy to share these with you if you simply tell me what is the best way to get them to you.

Harry Bollocks

Les élèves de la 2D1 said...

Hi Harry,

Please just Upload it on any platform and let me know the link! :)


That would be really cool!

sidollie said...

thanks for this! sorry i'm so late posting this. i left it to download and haven't been near the pc since. sorry :(