A post from Simon Cooper, contest winner, after the Twisted Wheel / Weller's gig.

Hi Yann,

First of all thanks again for running the competition for the tickets. Kevin from Twisted wheel called me in the afternoon to confirm that the tickets were access all areas which was a fantastic surprise.

When my daughter (Charlie) and myself got to Thetford we picked the passes up from the box office which turned out to be bright pink wrist bands, not my usual colour but i have still got it on ! Headed straight for the backstage area via the beer tent and couldn't believe how empty and how basic it was, just a few tents and plastic table and chairs. As soon as we walked in the first person we saw was Weller with a green parker on cigarette in one hand talking on the mobile and he just casually walked past and nodded his head at us. Had a long chat with the boys from Twisted Wheel who where very friendly and offered us drinks etc. Andy Lewis walked past and we had a few minutes chat with him and he seemed a lovely guy, chated about his new album that he is working on at the moment. Steve Pilgrim much the same very down to earth.

Watched Twisted wheel from out the front they seemed to go down very well. Wellers minder/security guy can only be described as very protective, after the Twisted wheel set we went back stage and Weller was walking off stage heading to his dressing room and we were told in no uncertain terms to stay away ! There was only about 7 people in total backstage. The band only came out of the dressing room once more and that was to go on stage,the gig it's self was one of the best i have been to they were definetly up for it. After the show the band went straight onto the tour bus and left the site to miss all the traffic. It was a night i won't forget for a long time a totally different experience to be back stage and see what goes on.

Thanks to you Yann and the rest of the team that help you out, I am going to make a donation to Alzheimer's on behave of the blog as a way of thanks .......and a few beers for you in Bruges !

Keep up the good work my friend


Twisted Wheel "That's Entertainment" download link

Stay tuned, a new contest to come!

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HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. said...

So very COOL! One of the reasons this blog is one of the absolute best!! Great for you Simon and a massive gift from the super kind, Brutha Yann!!!