Terry Rawlings' Benefit.

'I first met Terry Rawlings back in early 1979. Over 30 years ago! Jeez where did that time bleedin' go? We were both music obsessed teens, deep into the Mod Revival scene, who also just happened to love Punk. Especially the Clash and the Buzzcocks. I guess that was our connection. That, and the fact we both loved an occasional tipple! Terry then replaced me as the office boy at Decca Records and we were both up and running and went on to become life long buddies.

I made a living out of playing and talking about music whilst Terry wrote acclaimed books on the Rolling Stones, Small Faces, Ron Wood, Brian Jones and the Buzzcocks' Steve Diggle, as well as all things Mod. These forthcoming gigs, and the range of people offering their services, are testimony to how well loved Terry is by all of us.

They'll be celebrations and hopefully in the process will raise as much dosh as possible to help him and his family through this very difficult time... After all that's what you do for your muckers isn't it?'
Gary Crowley, Summer 2009


Rediffusion said...

Is he ill?

Yann said...

Yes Terry is ill, a very rare form of cancer and he Will have a very important surgery soon.