The Week end Boot: Bologna 2008. Estragon Club. Dedicated to all our italian friends!

Artwork by Manu, Files courtesy of Jean-Christophe, Speed correction by Dazzz. Thanx guys! Huge thanx to the original taper, I don't know him. sorry. Probably a bit too far from the stage.

Bologna 1
Bologna 2


Cpt.Stax said...

thanks yan!

I was there :) and, to be honest, I dont think its been a memorable concert. In my humble and very personal opinion, probably one of the worst Weller concerts I've seen in Italy in the last 25 years. Songs thrown away without taking care of details. Weller looking pissed off by too many bottles of wine probably, and the new band unable to make the difference, just playing their parts.

I will listen to it now, after 1 year, to see if my feelings are changed :)

Yann said...

Oh yes, The man is not always in a great shape. Last year in Brussels, it wasn't a great gig at all... The day after in 'Dam, magic...

MartinV said...

Thank Dazz for your rework and Yann for the download and Manu for the Cover

best wishes

liam23 said...

Many thanks