The Deep MO at The BBC

Bassist Yolanda Charles is lead singer/songwriter for the band The Deep M.O. Funk is ever present in the band's sound, but with an edge of Hip-Hop and RnB thrown in the create an individual sound. With Miles Bould on drums and the rockier edge of Scott Firth and John Robertson on Guitars, the quartet are complimented by Robert Mitchell's Jazz inflected keyboards, giving an exciting combination of influences that is The Deep M.O (******* description).

So Dee is joining our band as guest featured artist, gonna do some shows in London to begin with, then get out into Great green Britain and beyond. Sorting out the logistics of 1st big (ish) London date Horns the works....won't be til after Summer probably. Debut gig is 3rd July a low key support for some very nice people to get our feet wet with the whole thing. Dee has an exceptional FUNK sound to her voice and we're writing more tunes for her to perform with the band, as well as doing tracks from the Deep M.O E.P and some Mamayo tunes too. Recording a single probably "It's not Over" In July/Aug. Very excited, cool vibes all 'round.

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