The dreams of (Lindsay's) child(ren)

Anyhow, back to my recent experience in having my faith in my fellow man rekindled. I also took my two boys to Weller in Cannock, what a gig, what a night, brilliant, they loved it. Especially as toward the end of the gig i took them nearer to the front and gradually edged our way as close as we could. My youngest got on my shoulders, just as Weller cranked into That's Entertainment and then he pointed at my boy with a big smile on his face, i swear there was peace and love in the air, man it brought a tear to my eye. Anyhow, a couple of days later i'm surfing Weller on You Tube, and to my amazment, there are videos posted showing this joyous moment (you'd only know it's my boy if you know where to look and if you know what the back of his head looks like !). My son is the one in the green top (you can see its green at the start) and he stays on my shoulders all the way through as we are bopping up and down... no wonder my legs were aching the next day !

Keep The Faith


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Yann said...

Specially dedicated to those who had a bad experience with Weller's staff... It happens too... In 1998, the delightful Wally almost smashed me against a bus because I was asking an autograph... So, keep the faith...