The most underrated band ever? Little Barrie...

I'm starting here a Little Barrie series...

At my humble opinion, Little Barrie is really one of the most underrated band at the moment. Barrie Cadogan and band played with Paul Weller several times, and on 22 dreams for the last Weller's LP.

Barrie is a great and amazing guitarist, he has a very personal style, he's really the only one of his generation to play like this. Morrissey said he's the best guitar player of his generation. A few chords, always dynamic, I've never seen a singer/guitarist playing like that. Both hands are in a constant move, it's really impressive. His hands never stand still and it gives a true dynamic to any song. I've seen the band in a very horrible venue, no backstage, no scene, it was really a band's nightmare and Barrie remembers it (How could we forget he said when I asked him...) and they did the job. For me, it's been a unique occasion to see Barrie playing in front of me, really close. He's excellent, dynamic, groovy, elegant, inventive, personal, a complete dream... Watch him carefully while he's playing with Paul on the video...

Don't ask you why Paul Wants him. He has a touch, a complete personal way to drive a song. I DO want to support them... I think they haven't the success they do deserve. Each of its own, of course...

Barrie and band will allow me to interview them for the blog... Will publish it soon... Barrie will tell us his "Weller experience"! Stay Tuned...

Exclusive footage and new demo

Little Barrie on Myspace

“Sounding not unlike Hendrix covering The Temptations, they succeed in capturing the essence of the Delta and bottling it in a contemporary garage brew.” -The Independent Review (UK)

''We Are Little Barrie is a stunning debut for sure, and the kind of record both old-school classic rock dads and groove-loving young kids should be clambering over each other to buy.'' - All Music Guide Review (UK)

''Fascinatingly oblique songs are plaed with confidence and laid-back precision, rather than smothered by a desperation to impress.'' - Mojo Review (UK)

''Little Barrie's appeal, then, lies in the directness of their music, the unfussy delivery and the economical way their lead man delivers his guitar contributions. These all make for a brightly uplifting record.''- Music OHM

''They are Little Barrie and you should be listening''. - Live Review

''Their authentic retro style with 21st Century knobs went down a storm, particularly new single, the funky Pay To Join, the Bo Diddley-esque Love You and Long Hair.'' - Mirror.co.uk


Jerry said...

Hi Yann!

Great band that deservere more!

Still love your blogg, don't let the blogbugs bite you!


Jerry (from Splinters)

Cpt.Stax said...

I love lil barrie too!

Anonymous said...

I have known Barrie since we were both teenagers. It's great he is now getting all/any recognition he deserves. I can't wait to read your interview

Brilliant guitarist.

Very sad to hear you will be pulling the site, i have had much joy in pulling gigs from your site, sorry for not recognising your hard work. I am hoping you have second thoughts.

Much respect


tunejunkie said...

Hi Yann

You got my review then? :-)

btw was talking to Lewis the other week (LB bass player), he's playing for Demis Roussos (of all people) at the moment!

Would be grateful for an invite come September, thanks again for all your posts


Anonymous said...

its kinda traumatic, seeing lots of bands getting burned by the NME and not seeing LB getting the shine they deserve

why don't you do it could be easily the best hendrix tune of the 2000s