The Specials Live. Free Sunday Times edition.

As you know it yet, I'm not so keen to publish legal material but this Sunday times edition was free and not availble in store. The Specials want to be back in the (rat) race! Thanx to my good friend Simon who has been kind enough to send it to me from England. By the way, Glato 1994 has been provided by Jean Christophe, again.Check The 30 th anniversary tour dates. Have a thought for Jerry Dammers! Look at this very excellent and funny video. Can't embed it here, follow the link.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Yann, been waiting for this one. Saw Primal Scream yesterday and checking out the guitar player I started to think about your blogg, couse it must been the Barrie from Little Barrie on guitar.

Anyway, thanks.



MartinV said...

thanks for this special :-)

best wishes

Ian said...

Thanks as always Yann. Very nostalgic but..... without Jerry it don't feel the same. Hopefully we'll get to hear his new project pretty soon.

Mark Edward Lee said...

Oh, this brings us lossa JOY!
Almost impossible to get this sort of treasure here in Canada. Dare I say, this is a 'special' gift! Thanks.