Out today: Madness Tribute. Fredd's band ("Indeed") in it. Check his blog!

"Atmospheric Changes - Indeed-The Sun and the Rain"

"The rain in England is wet.

It's hard. It's heavy, and it's cold. It pours down, pitter, patter, smack onto the concrete pavement, and mostly it ruins your day. In England this happens all the time. Typical! It takes a particular care free soul, with nothing to do, to be refreshed by it and take the time to remember that we are a part of nature happening. We English are far more likely to see rain as pain.
It is. Getting in the way, again.

Madness rock this subject into a Barson piano bashing, Chrissy Boy guitar twanging, foot stomping, up tempo, sing-a-long "Do do do", hit single, where the Christmas spirit somehow makes you love playing in the rain again, like a kid kicking your wellies into that puddle. Dont be so troubled, do something your not supposed to do, get away from lifes woes for a pop song minute and and march, march, march to the beat of torrential down pour, while others look on disgusted. You might catch a cold but what the heck. Soak in it. Bring a bit of sunshine back they only way you can. This is what life is all about.

The rain in France is wet.

It's soft. It's light, and It's warm. It sprinkles down, pitter, patter, plip onto the lush grass, and mostly it brings life to rich vine yards, have a drink. Santé! In France this happens at the right time, around mostly sunshine.
The French rarely forget we are a part of nature, they smile under the sun from an early age. In France they see the rain as a temporary cooling friend. It Is. Helping on it's way past.

The band "Indeed" caress this subject into a Boeuf piano tinkling, Alex Guitar picking, foot tapping, lullabyesing-a-long, Madness Tribute. No need for harsh "do do do" ing here, a care free whistle instead lights up this songand the beautiful female voice of Emilie. She will capture your ear, it's rare to hear a female voice with Madness songs,and the result is delightful here. Wash in this refreshment as this band turn a song you know well into a song you've never heard and yet instantly it's still your old friend, and quickly it's an equal or a greater weather forecast than the one you thought you wanted to hear about today, when you pressed play.

So strong is the central approach of this cover version, it takes the original to greener quieter pastures, lilting and pleasing, they have created a wondeful ballad that does nothing to harm the original song. While it strips away the tune to a simpler more acoustic 4 person band, the heart of the song is intact, as they show you who "indeed" are, and pay tribute to music that inspires them.

It's still The Sun and the Rain, you couldnt possibly miss Madness or England as you holiday with Indeed on this version, and you see another side to the weather. Sway sway sway to the soft rhythm of Nico stroking lightly on tom toms, along with the smallest slither of cymbals. The piano, guitars and drums all follow the splash of slower rain droplets on this track.
I love the sound of Freds piano keys, (an electric setup but sounds like a walled upright to my ears so good is the setting.)
Every note counts, you have time to take in each press. It's a well produced multi-tracked recording, where Emilie's sublime singing and the strummed guitar appear twice to compliment themselves in the mix. It's no surprise that most of Indeed are well liked school teachers in their day jobs. This is a story version to calm the children, you could see them playing this to entertain them when the playground is a little wet to go and play in today, but dont worry it will dry up quickly.
This is French rain afterall & indeed.

Appearing on Big 8 records 30th Anniversary album, this might well be the best cover on this brilliant album, though it's in great company too. They have certainly done themselves proud and their heroes, appearing on this CD, and I think a lot more praise will come their way as wider fans start to hear this version of a classic. It's so easy to love both Madness and Indeed.

Indeed's version, It's a Tribute to remind us there is a more peaceful way to enjoy living. This is what life Is REALLY all about.

Jonathan "Forever" Young"

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