Connett at Black Barn!

Paul Weller heard the band Connett, and liked what heard. Liked it so much in fact, that he invited them down to record at his Black Barn studio. The song "Madamoiselle" was the result.
Hope you like it as much as we do. Connett, Winter 2009

Produced by andrewjenner.com

Paul Weller has always been a musical hero of mine, and to be recognized as an equal of sorts is a great honour. its a step closer to my ambition of one day working with him'how weird would that look??? and to work with Charles Rees was sureal' he's the royalty of the engineer world....Darron j Connett...singer of CONNETT

"We walked into Black Barn like five little girls,then Charles Rees whipped and beat us,and put us through our paces and we all walk out hells angels,what a pleasure...Danny Maidens...drummer..."

Personally it was a great experience for me, a real learning curve. I knew we had a good song in Mademoiselle when we started, but after two days pulling it apart at Black Barn, we were left with a great song that had craft and meaning. I’d like to say a big thank you to Paul Weller for the opportunity, and a big thanks to Charles for his patience and understanding. Will we go back? Hopefully….. Glen Fuller

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