The Spanish Connection strikes back! Manu and Juan M did it!

Download Link

Thanx a lot to Manu and Juan Miguel!

Dedicated to JC, Simon Cooper, Lizzy. ;)


Ron said...

Thanks For this show !!

Cpt.Stax said...

I was just watching again to this dvd recently (I think it's the 2nd time since I bought it....) my god what a mess of a lineup that year/that tour.

without whitey, without horns, with filling poor sessionmen, with dee singing prominently (and, to be honest, annoyingly too! ) even talbot playing worst than usual. bleah.

listen to money go round from this concert, or the unreleased everlasting love, and you'll have a clear example of fall of the band.

cheers the cap

(great job as usual yann, manu! )

Mark Edward Lee said...

Owwwww, Mmmmmm, this is nice! Thank-you.

MartinV said...

thanks Yann for the download and also a big THANK YOU to Manu and Juan Miguel

best wishes