A week later, Paul Weller, Ray Davies, Mr Clean and David Watts

We all know the deep connections between Paul Weller and Ray Davies... England, sense of social observations... and much more. A long time ago, Ray declared "I don't need the Jam to cover David Watts to feel the connection". Paul said in a French interview of 1982 than Ray was composing from the reverse angle for many years (after Lola) but he's a deep, true, complete admirer and he's an absolute fan. Mr Clean is directly a Kinks' song, with anger and rage, a kind of Weller's Mr Pleasant. Pete Townshend said it is the "most menacing song" he had ever heard. Paolo Hewitt: " The main riff is latent anger personified, waiting to explode..." (Will come back on Paolo Hewitt's book later and John Hellier gave me an interview about the new All too beautiful's edition .) So Paul found and find inspiration in Ray's music and it's not only in the sixties Kinks' record.

Paolo said " He particularly adored those songs where Davies matched his peerless melodies with a unique lyrical angle,..., and particularly that classic song Days. The one I love so much and it's brilliant in the choral version... I've thrilled in Birmingham Symphony Hall when he started it. So simple, elegant, classy, saying so many true things in such simple words... "I remember Paul played that song to me repeatedly, shaking his head in admiration at its power and grace."

So Paul doesn't like the seventies LPs but he adores the Ray Davies' solo one: " Paul Was Higly impressed with Other people's lives" (Hewitt), "I Wasn't meant to have a copy, but someone slipped me an early preview copy and told me not to tell anyone I had it, least of all Ray Davies, who would have gone spare. So of course I got off my tits and played the album again and again and again... So at five in the morning I ring this guy's to get Ray's number and tell him what a fuckin' great album it was, but luckily he didn't answer his phone. Otherwise I would have been on the phone to Ray Davies going, I love you Ray, I really love you..."

I really love you, Ray! :)

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