Blogs' stories...Rise and Fall

Why does the brilliant Fredd's blog goes private?

316 last downloads
4 thanks
4/316 X 100 =1.26
Fair enough don't you think?
1834 visits only for 17, 18, 19, 20 and today....
Thanx in the C box?
Honest I don't want to tell you the dl about the last bootleg.
2 thanx.
It's just to let you know... It's the usual ratio. Too bad Fredd's ska blog disappeared... It's a brilliant one and I'm not even unhappy for mine, not my point... at all.


Anonymous said...

1 out of 4 of my thank you's reach you. Don't ask me why. I seem to miss the right techniques. I try it again and hopefully this one, will show up and make you happy again

Yann said...

I'm not even unhappy. Just nocticed it... Community, mod ethos, bla, bla, bla...And the Thanx men are always the same. Just a fact. ;)

Ian S said...

The music will sustain you Yann

The Badge said...

You know we love you, Yann. But thanks anyway. Sad to see the ska blog go, but I couldn't live without yours! ;)

Ray said...

thank you for everything you do....... the number of times i was going to comment then.... keep it up we appreciate you.