The fashion of football. Zani's review.

There are only so many subjects that would put David Beckham and Darren Ward in the same sentence. Football may be one, but Millwall are a far cry from Real Madrid and The Den is hardly the Bernabéu. No. It is like that psychological test: ask someone to think of a vegetable and nine times out of ten the answer is “carrot”. Ask someone to think of a common trait held by Ward — “the Peckham Beckham” — and the England captain and the answer is likely to be “dodgy barnets”.

These so-called “dodgy barnets”, however, are, in the eyes of many, a part of Ward’s and Beckham’s tribute to the gods of fashion. The mullet comeback kings are the latest in a long line of footballers who have doubled as style icons during their careers. Or, at least in Ward’s case, have held fashion in the same esteem as football.

When we look for fashion tips, we no longer turn to the likes of Jude Law and Sienna Miller. Now we turn to Posh and Becks, or Wayne and Colleen. It may make some enthusiasts of haute couture to shudder, but Paolo Hewitt and Mark Baxter were so taken by the footballer as a dedicated follower of fashion that they have written a book about it.

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