John Hellier's interview part two (If you can't get the connection with Brighton Mag ...)

YV: What are you planning next in celebration of the Small Faces? Ogdens in January? What is in the pipeline for 2010?

JH: The Ogdens show on 30th January at Leamington Spa is being staged by The Playbox Theatre Company and is not mine. Mark Cunningham and myself are planning a big Ogdens show in London later in the year but negotiations are still at talking stage so I cannot reveal too much at present. There will be another Small Faces Convention in the Summer, this will be the 14th year and the event just grows in stature every time with fans attending from all over the world. Wapping Wharf Records will continue to pay tribute to Steve Marriott and have a 'new' 1975 album in the pipeline entitled Lend Us A Quid which will be followed by a definitive Marriott Anthology set.

YV: Aren't you afraid of destroying a bit Steve's image? You know, the Hero syndrome. Everyone knows he's been a bit of the lowlife in the end, did that possibility disturb you? I know you're his number one fan and the Small Faces' flame keeper .. so?

JH: Steve was Steve and that was one of the things he"s most admired for. He never played the game; if he had he would have been bigger and richer than Rod Stewart (and Sting!) Steve always shy'd away from hero worship. He wanted normality, he wanted to play in pubs, he wanted to jump on a bus. Although he was certainly good enough he was never cut out to be a Rock Star!

YV: You've organized many big events, of which are you the most proud? Steve Marriot's 2001 memorial at London Astoria maybe?

JH: The Conventions at the Carling Academy are always cool but the two biggies would have to be the Steve Marriott and Ronnie Lane Memorial concerts at the London Astoria and Royal Albert Hall respectively. So many 'premier league' names wanted to be involved in those gigs. Getting a strong cast together wasn't as difficult as one might think. For example Roger Daltry was due to do the Astoria concert but pulled out just two days before, as he couldn"t get back from a filming commitment in Canada. It was mentioned to Paul Weller and within one hour Noel Gallagher was on board to replace him. NICE!

YV: Any new books in the pipeline?

JH: Yeah, a few. Books always seem to take a long while and I have a couple that are already 12 months behind schedule but will, hopefully, see the light of day in 2010 (Mod related, of course).

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