Wake up the Nation update...

She Speaks is another album track, Mistress Brown will be a B-side and No Tears left to Cry is on the album. There are plans for a Wake Up The Nation remix album to follow before the end of the year .. oh, and the lead guy from Little Barrie is also on the album.

Foxton plays on Fast Car/Slow Traffic & She Speaks .. he then returned at a later date to play on forthcoming b-side, Mistress Brown.

No Tears Left to Cry (Gothic Pop)
Aim High (Rare Groove)
Fast Car/Slow Traffic (Juddery post Punk)
She Speaks (Psychedelic Squall)
Moonshine (album's first track - Raucous Rock 'n' Roll)
The Wiz'


David said...

Thanks for the info

Cpt.Stax said...

gothic pop? LOL! sounds more a motown stomper to me (the remix at least)

juddery post punk? yeah, I also had that feeling of "buzzcocks on speed" when I heard it live.

thanks for the info yann

Yann said...

Gothic Stomper Motown tune, between Posh and Marylin Manson? ;)