Weller Deluxe, french review (Rock et Folk)

"At the end of the 80s, Weller is down in the hole, for the very first time of his life. The last Style Council LP has been refused by the record company, he had no more deal... The former Jam frontman gave up and stops this band, which became pretty quickly inept. With the new young dudes of the Acid jazz movement, he renews his record collection and records, with the money of a japanese label, a new lp. He wanted it very organic. It's been a brand new start et it will lead him to a massive success a few years later more huge than the Jam's one. It's a transition record, the voice is still in the Style Council manner, but you can also find very rich influences: Traffic and Marvin Gaye with flutes and saxophones. The whole thing is very organic, the complete opposite of the synthetic coldness of TSC. And then, with songs like "Into tomorrow", "Uh Hu Oh Yeh", the singer reinvents completely himself and he starts to play that very soulful rock which has became the Weller thing. Here it's also a complete B sides CE, demos, etc. And it's a fantastic rebirth, not so fascinating than the later albums but everyone was happy. Our man was back home!" (N. Ungemuth).


Ian said...

It is an exceptional album. Listening to it again recently I think it is up there with his best work. Its probably his least "rock" LP tho'

David said...

Thanks Very Much Yann