Wake up The Nation, Set listing CD2. (Thanx to Mike, once again)

Disc Two

1. Tunng – She Speaks
2. Yeah Yeah Yeah's – Find The Torch Burn The Plans
3. The Bees – Grasp & Still Connect
4. Richard Hawley – Andromeda
5. Richard Hawley – No Tears To Cry
6. Larry Heard – Aim High
7. Amorphias – Aim High into Pieces of a Dream
8. Erland & The Carnival – Fast Car / Slow Traffic
9. Zinc – Wake Up The Nation

Seemingly, as listed below, CD2 will replace the promised end of year remix album of Wake Up the Nation: Limited Edition 2CD Hardback Book of Paul Weller's new album 'Wake Up the Nation'. Contains exclusive liner notes by Irvine Welsh and never before seen photographs. Disc two features exclusive duets with Richard Hawley and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs plus brand new remixes.


ArKid said...

It can't come quickly enough!

Diego-go said...

Irvine Welsh?! Wow!

ian said...

very surprising ! can't wait. hopefully going to see richard hawley next week.

Ian said...

So I've just realised Larry Heard is Mr. Fingers ! I'm getting flashbacks.....Now I'm reeeeeeeally looking forward to the new album