Alex Chilton's gone. The Big Star story...

The Story of Big Star

Looking back, Big Star seems to be one of the most unfortunate names a band could ever choose. Big Star wanted to conquer the world with their beautiful music but they never even came near chart succes. During the band's existence (1971-1975) they only sold a couple of thousands of records. When Alex Chilton decided to call it quits in 1975 it seemed that Big Star's music would be forgotten. Since the end of the seventies however the band's cult-status has grown to nearly mythical proportions. Big Star became a source of inspiration for many rockbands during the eighties and nineties. #1 Record and Radio City are considered highlights in the powerpop genre while Sister Lovers/The Third Album is often mentioned as one of the ultimate masterpieces of 70's rockmusic.

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