Die Hard Mod and Pulp Fiction!

Charlie McQuaker, a former Media student at City College Brighton and Hove, has written a 'pulp' thriller influenced by Brighton"s cinematic past, not to mention its affinity with the evergreen Mod youth cult. 'Die Hard Mod' is the latest release from Pulp Press – a new Brighton-based publishing house which aims to give the pulp fiction genre a 21st century makeover. Set in the troubled back streets of Belfast and the thrill-seeking underworld of Brighton, Die Hard Mod a fast-paced tale of lust, love, friendship and righteous retribution. The book has already got the seal of approval from the notoriously fastidious and discerning Mod community with celebrated Mod scribe Paolo Hewitt commenting: "It is not often you get to put the phrases mod and pulp fiction into one sentence but thanks to Die Hard Mod, that feat can now be gracefully achieved ... the book will take a day to read and along the way you will enjoy every twist and turn."

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