Lady Val Weedon about Terry Shaughnessy from the Universal (Zani's interview).

Terry Shaughnessy, is a musician from the North West of England, minus ego, plus fire. To him “the song is king”. But what did this mean and was it just a good sales pitch? I was intrigued, so I added him as a friend. He was very pleased I did.
“I tried to send you a message last night” he said “but MySpace wouldn’t let me”. He went on to explain “I just wanted to introduce myself really and hopefully twist your arm into having a listen to my stuff and maybe consider me for some of your future gigs?” My friend was right, Terry was a nice person. Polite, with a hint of cheekiness and I warmed to him immediately. I never promise anything, but always say I’ll try my best as you never know what may come along tomorrow.

The months went by, then one day I got a phone call from Terry who’d noticed that one of my bands, top Small Faces tribute act Small Fakers, was playing at the Cavern Club in Liverpool on March 28th. As Terry lived up that way he asked if his band could support them. I admired this grasp of an opportunity and obligingly, after a quick check with the club, added Shaughnessy to the bill.

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