Tracey Thorn third solo LP. Out today.

Tracey Thorn - Love and Its Opposite (2010) Alternative Time: 40:19 min Label: Strange Feeling

Tracey Thorn’s third solo album, Love and Its Opposite, focuses on the big topics outlined in its title, but it does so in miniature; both lyrically and musically, it’s a record about the small details that make up the most mundane and wrenching moments of a person’s day-to-day life. The music on Love and Its Opposite also cuts to the quick; the arrangements exist in such a way that they sound like they’ve been whittled down to only their most essential parts. “Hormones,” which chronicles the arguments between a mother and daughter, crackles with handclaps and spunk, while the failing-relationship lament “Why Does the Wind?” is laced with a spooky keyboard line that echoes the eyes-lowered sadness of the lyrics. The immediate intimacy of the music, when combined with the lyrics’ forthrightness, feels like a late-night chat session between friends who are ready to tell their stories, no matter how painful they might have been to live through when they were unfolding.

Tracklist: 1. Oh! The Divorces 4:15 2. Long White Dress 3:53 3. Hormones 3:07 4. Kentish Town 3:30 5. Why Does The Wind? 5:00 6. You Are A Lover 3:11 7. Singles Bar 3:28 8. Come On Home To Me 3:33 9. Late In The Afternoon 3:20 10. Swimming 4:17

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