Weller "Later with Jools" DVD.

Hi Gang,

I've reworked the files of the Paul's songs "Later with jools"... I've made this four songs DVD and cut the files to erase all the other guests (Sorry Paul Rodgers, etc.)

So there's "Wake up the nation", "Aim High", "Find the torch", and the fourth one... No Tears to cry. ;)

So it became lighter. There's chapters but no menu (don't know how to do it). I've burnt it with Nero and DVD Shrink, it's ok. Let me know if there's a problem. I've checked it on my computer and my DVD reader, it was ok...

Careful, It's splitted archives, you have to wait to have the both files to unzip it.


Rediffusion said...

Nice one, thanks!
R ;)

MartinV said...

thanks Yann. Nice work

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Great, many thanks!!!


simon2307 said...

Nice job Yann

Anonymous said...

Hello I've uploaded a cover for the DVD.