Darron, Laurence and Glen's interview, Connett back From Windy City.

So what about Chicago? Darron: Chicago was great our first stop was 2021 Michigan ave, that's where chess records was, Chuck Berry, Etta James, Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf, the Stones,the Yardbirds, Willie dixon, the list is endless all recording some outstanding records there that changed the face of modern music,we were also recording in Wisconsin and Milwaukee,a really nice place,the people where very receptive towards us,they love their music as its not like london where every fucker thinks or wants to be a rock star,its still got that exclusive magic. Glen: Chicago was wicked, great to get away and get to work. Laurence: Chicago/America was incredible from beginning to end (apart from customs at Dallas Airport ...!!), I think we all had just about the best times of our lives !

Were you there for demos or new album? We was there to record 9 more tracks for the album,which we did, it was no holiday trust me,we knew what we went there for and done it,no messing around.hit the ground running as they say.Glen even does a lead vocal on a song he wrote and very good it is too,we had songs already written but also wrote out there by being inspired by the whole experience. Glen: We went with the intention of getting an EP down at the least. We’d never been to the studio or worked with the producer/engineer before, so no-one really knew what to expect. Laurence: Primarily we were there to record a new album, which is what we did, but we also became a better band in so many ways, just from working together all day every day and living/breathing and creating the songs .

Any special producer? Why Chicago? Rob Baird was in the control room in his colorama studio, he heard us, he came to see us, and reckons were the best out there, that’s not for us to say but we appreciated the sentiment, then he offered us the opportunity to record, so it was a no brainer for us really. Glen: Our producer is one of the directors of the American guitar company Waterstones which endorse the band, he also owns the studio that we lived and recorded in for ten days. I think the thought of getting away from everything and just totally focusing on the music and writing was what appealed to us the most. Having complete freedom over everything was another plus point, and the kit that was made available to us helped us to find the sound that we wanted. Laurence: We were there by invite and not even an Icelandic volcano was gonna stop us getting there!

The band looks cool on the pictures Mark Sent me, were you? Everything is cool with the new Bass player? Thanks we try to make an effort, there's really no excuse to be scruffy, we all like to be stylish in our own way,laurence O'toole has fitted in perfectly, he's a very melodic bass player and thats great for a singer, plus he plays guitar, bongo, maracas, and triangle, no seriously he's a great addition to Connett and a great song writer too, so well done to Danny for bringing in brother Laurence,the four of us are a strong unit now,we all strive to be the best we can at our individual talents,right now its alot of fun and we feel unstoppable. Glen: Everyone always asks that question. Everything is cool in the band, we genuinely like each other. I have no need to question anyones ability and they never question mine. I think people like to think that there are always bust- ups and quitting, but there’s nothing like that. Laurence is a great addition to the band, he just slotted right in, he’s a great all round musician and a top fella. We were actually room- mates in the US. Laurence: It's hard for me to answer this since I am the new bass player ...... but from my point of view it's going fantastically well and I'm loving it ! I only popped along to stand in as a short term 'stop-gap' but I love these fellers and its all working, both in a musical and personal way and I think that were all in this for the long haul now, which is absolutely fine by me !

Any special direction in the new tunes? How many songs are in the box? Any special new colors in the songs? The new songs are very eclectic, we even have a dance type track on there a remix so to speak, some acoustic lead tracks, piano lead tracks but most of all we have a lot of kick in the balls tracks, lyricly it's very diverse to, some social narratives, some anti-war stuff, just songs that are relevant in the global life styles we live, it's like a modern day concept album, there's a theme running trough it for sure.

Glen: We never really set out to write/record in a certain way. We just let the music go wherever it wants to got, it’s not formulated or contrived in any way, it is what it is. As for the tracks, you’ll just have to wait, but I think a few people will be surprised. Laurence: The songs have just evolved and in America new songs just exploded from the creative bottle!! So much so that we had to apply some self discipline and concentrate on finishing one song before we lept onto the next one!! Initially we had no set direction but we just let the sound evolve organically and the result is an eclectic and surprising body of work ! The great thing is though, that it still all sounds like Connett!

Any idea of the new LP release? Autumn?
We're hoping for a late summer release,were just looking now for a label to put it out,all the hard works done, so any labels out there what you waiting for? Glen: I think we’re looking for a mid to late summer release, we worked hard on the album, and we need to mix and master properly to do it justice. Laurence: I guess late summer but we're going to make sure that it sounds 'right' before we put it out there

Cool to share the bill with the Universal? Yes, looks like the universal are also with us at the summer of love festival,were really looking forward to the 100club gig as its one of our favourite venues and its a great bill Wide Boy Generation too. Glen: Yeah, it’s always good to share the bill with like minded people, that’s how movements start isn’t it? Laurence: It's always great to share the bill with good bands and The Universal definitely are a good band !!

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