Have you ever had it blue? Weller's bass player and Football.

Honest, if you've never been in England and if you've never been to a game, you can't really understand what football is for Blighty's supporters... It's absolutely unbelievable. If you're a fan of a club, it's a life commitment, bluenose a day, bluenose always, as an example. Blue is the colour of Damon Minchella's football passion, Birmingham City Football Club, Everton, Azzuri! Blue, blue, blue...

Everything began for him at Saint Andrews, BCFC stadium:

Blue Kipper:
Who were your hero's as a kid?

Damon Minchella: Dave Thomas! My first match was at Birmingham City when I was 6. My Mum and Dad were working in Birmingham. I remember watching a game against Bristol City. I don't know if it was a cup match. I can remember this fella behind me singing "BAA RISTOL..BAA RISTOL" every minute all through the game. But to see Dave Thomas going down the wing and cross the ball for Bob Latchford was brilliant. But people like Geoff Nulty I really like. The less obvious players. Then of course you've got the Everton team of the mid 80's and it was everybody from John Bailey upwards. There were the obvious stars, but the likes of Alan Harper was a good player. So I'd say Dave Thomas and Mike Lyons.

To be continued here

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