Martell and Moray, the left one looks a bit like our Tim S. don't you think?

Martell & Moray are two ordinary blokes the wrong side of forty. Armed with a bottle each of their favourite tipple, jam jars instead of tumblers, two guitars and a nifty little digital recorder, they get together once a week for the now legendary 'Guitar Night'.

The slightly older one is a master on the fretboard, the younger one a willing pupil. Both share a love of good music with influences ranging from the Beatles and late sixties Mod through to the eighties classic pop of The Jam, Prefab Sprout and Aztec Camera.

The resulting recordings are by no means polished but hopefully convey a sense of passion, fun and downright drunkenness. Honorary members of Martell & Moray include Iain, a man who hates peppers but is a master on the mixing desk and Richard, whose award-winning promo films qualified him to shoot our videos.

Check their website, it's another Wellazone!

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