The Style Council 1985, Thanx to Iain and Niels

Roskilde Orange main Stage

The Style Council 1985, 52 minutes Streaming.

Niels is on the video and Billy Bragg in the audience.


Anonymous said...

link doesn_t work...

Yann said...

Oh anonymous ! You made my day, such a great comment, warm, friendly, thankful... That's exactly for people like you that I take time almost every day to feed the blog. Don't worry, friend, the link has been corrected. Hope it will work!

Anonymous said...

Great post ... ripped the audio and now I have another council live CD! Thanks

MartinV said...

Thanks Yann, Ian and Niels for posting this link.

Very cool video.

Can someone tell me how I can save or download this video?

Best Wishes