21 st century Mods and Fashion: Nicholson and Walcot, London. The Webstore.

When I've been to Brighton for a Cornwell's gig, I was parked just in front of "Jump The Gun", the mods store in the Mods Mecca. On the World Wide Web you can falso ind completely devoted stores to mods fashion, like Louise Baxter's Nicholson and Walcot webstore. It's absolutely classy, refined and sophisticated. Customers are abit known in this area, Weller, Kevin Rowland, Paolo Hewitt and much more, Steve Ellis, Andy Crofts, check the complete website, it's all too beautiful!

The makers at Nicholson and Walcot are from craft making families and this heritage is put to good use with the products now on offer.

After many years making scarves and bags for family & friends on the Mod/60′s scene, we have used that knowledge and expertise to produce an authentic look. We are pleased to say that word of our range has spread very quickly and demand has grown ever since.

50% of the materials are recycled , with scraps of fabric and balls of wool bought at charity shops, jumble sales etc
These often teamed up with antique buttons and fabrics collected over the years to produce a unique and self designed range.

Everything made under the name of Nicholson and Walcot is handmade with orders for our bespoke scarves coming in from the likes of Paul Weller, Kevin Rowland, writer Paolo Hewitt and DJ and broadcaster Gary Crowley, along with many others from various scenes.

Follow the link and check the catalogue, order by mail, etc. Enjoy the punters section.

Don't look after the shop, it's available on the internet only.

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