The new album is finished!

As his recent album ‘Wake Up The Nation‘ is set to learn it’s fate at tonight’s Mercury Music Prize ceremony, Paul Weller has revealed he is already close to completing it’s follow-up.

Speaking to the Daily Star newspaper at Jersey Live!, Weller confirmed he had finished the bulk of the album over the course of four days, and outlined a more pop feel which is dominating the new material. “We’ve done about eight tracks over four days and they sound mega,” he said.

“I would say it’s more pop, but I don’t know how accurate a des­cription that is. It’s different again, another little move on. It’s not about shocking people, it’s just me being a bit more willing to push the boat out and see how far I can go sonically, as a writer and a musician. I don’t want to get stuck into this mind-set of being a certain age and just doing one thing. There’s a big wide-open canvas out there.”

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