See my Friends, the "new" Ray Davies LP.

Ray Davies has revealed details of his upcoming collaboration album, which features the likes of Metallica, Mumford and Sons and Pixies' Black Francis.

Entitled 'See My Friends', the 14-track LP will also see the likes of Bruce Springsteen, who recorded a version of The Kinks' 'Better Things', and Bon Jovi who worked with Davies on 'Celluloid Heroes'.

The tracklisting for 'See My Friends' is as follows:

'Better Things (Featuring Bruce Springsteen)'
'Celluloid Heroes (Featuring Jon Bon Jovi & Richie Sambora)'
'Days/This Time Tomorrow (Featuring Mumford & Sons)'
'Long Way From Home (Featuring Lucinda Williams & The 88)'
'You Really Got Me (Featuring Metallica)'
'Lola (Featuring Paloma Faith)'
'Waterloo Sunset (Featuring Jackson Browne)'
'Til the End Of The Day (Featuring Alex Chilton & The 88)'
'Dead End Street (Featuring Amy Macdonald)'
'See My Friends (Featuring Spoon)'
'This Is Where I Belong (Featuring Black Francis)'
'David Watts (Featuring The 88)'
'Tired Of Waiting (Featuring Gary Lightbody)'
'All Day And All Of The Night/Destroyer (Featuring Billy Corgan)'


Cpt.Stax said...

maximum respect to ray, for all his past masterpieces, but also recent new stuff.

but this kind of use, abuse, of the same old songs, released thousand times in anthologies, live album, choral albums, and now duets, is really boring. "flogging a dead horse..."

I think ray still has the spark in him to do something new.

isnt the list of guests dull too? or is it just me moaning as usual? :o),

simon2307 said...

Mixed feelings on this, intrigued by Paloma Faith, Lucinda Williams, Frank Black and Alex Chilton tracks, expecting to be disappointed by Bon Jovi, The Boss and Amy MacDonald.