Give a Mod a Nod, The legendary Geno Washington (Dedicated to Andy Ferguson).

They say there's no minty condition LP of Geno: they're all completely used and have been lent to 10 friends minimum! They also say that if you have a live Geno's lp, oyu don't need to go out of yout home. It's still true!

That man took the stage, his towel was swingin' high, Oh Geno.../ This man was my bombers, my Dexy's, my highs, Ooooooh Geno / The crowd all hailed you, chanted your name but they never kenw like we knew, me and you were the same! And now you're all over, your song is so tame / you fed me, you bred me, I'll remember your name.

So sang Dexy's midnight runners Kevin Rowland, soulboy forever on the classic "Searching for the young soul rebels" when he was thinking about the Ram Jam Band of 1968. We can easily understand the effect of the monster (!) on the very young man. However Geno was not very gifted, he wasn't a songwriter, he wasn't a great singer, he wasn't very subtile and he's ability to sing Romances and Ballads wasn't that impressive BUT he had, more than anyone, energy, soul, fire. Combustion and Explosion. He was an american soldier who stayed in England, the real Black idol of all the Mod youth, not a Georgie Fame.

You just have to listen the crowd on the unbelievable live Geno's LP it was a riot "Geno, Geno!" The band started by instrumental "Philly dog" and then the man came. It was the pandemonium! He was singing ten songs without a break, pure stompers only. He became more successful than Hendrix, Cream or Who. Overbooked from 1966 to 1968, his golden age. Mods didn't want singles, they wanted live LPs! In Studio, it was more difficult for him to be as good as on stage. And it's all over yet... We are now in 1969/1970 and it's long hairs time and he's a past legend yet till... Kevin Rowland's homage singing the best song dedicated to a musician from another one!

(Reissue: Foot Stompin Soul (Castle records)).

Original article from Nicolas Ungemuth.

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