Nick Ward's Pink Bay out today! Don't miss it, it's Costello and Ray Davies wedding... Extremely subtile...

Nick's new lp is that kind of record you're gonna keep for a long time. Definitely an instantly magic one and a grower too. Don't be afraid at all to listen another "I'dliketobePaulWeller" record. Nick's style is very personal and versatile. We are more in Ray Davies and Elvis Costello musical's landscape than Paul Weller's one. I'm talking about songs, handmade songs, the kind of songs which stand still with an acoustic guitar and a voice, you can feel the human touch behind, it's not a product, it's a labour of love made with hands, brain, feelings, emotions, the best musical taste and a complete personal touch. Honest, one of my 2010's favourite with the Cow's one. You're not only listening a record, you have the feeling to be with a friend. Had this feeling with Andy Ferguson's one too. The way we try to be as human as possible, trying to understand the world, the love, the feelings we are surrounded by. Costello, Davies, maybe a touch of Cherry Ghost too...Don't miss it. There's not an inch of bragging in that kind of music and record and man... It goes straight to your heart, mind and soul.

Pink Bay, Nick Ward, a link to buy it.

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