Jeff Slate is back: Dreamtime...

Recently, I released a single, "Dreamtime." It's my first solo release of new music in over 15 years, since an EP I did with Pete Townshend as I've spent that interveneing time fronting the band The Badge. The single (and the follow-up due in Feb.) features Earl Slick and Carlos Alomar on guitars, Alex Alexander on drums, Scott Sherratt on bass and Gail Ann Dorsey and Bethany Weimers on backing vocals.

"It all began with me talking to Scott Sherratt about reuiniting our teenage band the Mindless Thinkers to do some recording," Slate recently recalled. "I had about a dozen songs together for that project, but I was really focused on getting my solo album together and didn't really want to feel like I was going backwards. I had a couple of tracks I just couldn't get out of my head, though, and I heard them as more than just the old 3-piece Mindless Thinkers sound. So I got ahold of Earl Slick and he jumped on board. Then I said to the drummer, Alex Alexander, 'I really hear Carlos Alomar on this track, too.' And Alex just said, 'Well, call him up!' And Carlos joined up as well. It's probably the first time Slick and Carlos have played together since "Station To Station" or at least Bowie's Serious Moonlight tour, so that was a gas. And once those guys were on board everything took off.

Slate and Alexander worked as they had in the early days of Slate's band The Badge: quick, dirty, on tape and in mono. Sherratt added his tasty, booming bass and Slick and Alomar did what they do best, adding signature guitar licks as only they could. Gail Ann Dorsey and Bethany Weimers added backing vocals and a mega-single was born.

Produced by Slate and primarily recorded at Germano Studios in New York City, "Dreamtime" is just the tip of the iceberg. There'll be another single in the coming months featuring the same line-up, followed by Slate's first proper solo album in 2011.

"Working with Slick and Carlos was a like some fantastic dream," Slate said.

"And I'm sure I'll work with them both again. And Soon. But I'm already on to the next thing. Watch out!"

You can hear "Dreamtime" at www.jeffslate.net, where you can learn more about my recent activities. You should also check out www.thebadge.com, the site for my band of the past 13 years. We recently released a Best Of and have a new EP ready to go and another long player set for 2011. We have had a great run and have an especially loyal following in the UK.

Along with "Dreamtime" I have another song called "Survive" with the same band in the works. I also have an album - produced by Eric Lichter - in the early stages. Everyone from the "Dreamtime" session will appear, as well as former Wings members Steve Holley and Laurence Juber and former Byrds Gene Parsons and John York. Also, you can purchase the track via the iTunes and Amazon links.

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Cpt.Stax said...

bloody hell what a dream line up. contratulations and well deserved jeff.