The forever young soul rebel: A Kevin Rowland interview, up to date by Dave Haslam.

'Close Up' is a series of public events featuring musicians, writers, artists and actors in-conversation with Dave Haslam. The esteemed guest on 11th March 2010 was the ex-frontman of Dexy's Midnight Runners, Kevin Rowland. The event took place at the Green Room in front of a sell-out audience, and it was wonderful to have Kevin there, he was somewhat nervous but he was also honest and inspiring, and wonderfully dressed...

Kevin I wanted to talk about what you're up to now and what Keven Rowland in 2010 is doing, are you writing, what are you up to?
I'm getting ready to record an album, to make a record; the songs have been written for a long time and I've written some new ones, co written with a various people that I've been involved with over the last few years but there's been a lot of hold ups and admittedly it's taken longer than it should but we're just talking about booking the studios to start recording a Dexy's album.
What's a day in the life of KR? Do you live in London?
I live in East London
Do you do a lot of shopping?
Not that much, here we go, I know what's coming next (laughs).
Do you go around vintage shops looking for cool clothes and wonderful shoes?
Sometimes; not cool clothes, interesting clothes
Since the Dexy's 2003 tour have you picked up a label, are you looking for a deal?
We're just doing it ourselves right now, that's what we're doing, we're sorting it ourselves. We know exactly what we want to do; we've had loads of time to plan it

Kevin Rowland's interview

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