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We got the chance to have a phone interview with the legendary Jean-Jacques Burnel aka JJ from “The Stranglers.” He rang us back after having problems with a late call and we had a nice chat with him about his views on the music scene and everything involving his shows and career so far. He’s certainly a very funny and very respectable icon.

How do you feel the music scene has changed since the beginning of your musical career?
Well the music scene is very healthy but it’s going around in circles because there’s not much originality anymore, they’re just digging into the past and having success with the past but it’s not so exciting is it? Not too many people go out on a limb and they mistake wearing silly clothes for originality. People are not so socially or politically aware, it’s a lot more emotionally orientated these days.

You’ve played support slots for the Ramones and Patti Smith. How was that?
Well we were the first band to play with them in Europe, both of them. Yeah, that was good. It helped us get a profile and it gave us a bit of a push over our contempories such as The Clash and The Sex Pistols at the time.

Definitely, it was an amazing achievement for you. I’ve got to ask, do you still keep up with Hugh Cornwell?
No at all, why should I?

Stranglers Interview

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