Groovy Weekend? Groovy Uncle. ;)

Groovy Uncle began as a solo venture for Medway musician Glenn Prangnell in 1999 after "retiring" from live gigs and band work. Previously a member of The Offbeats, The Kravin' A's, Johnny And The Bandits and Goodchilde I decided to concentrate solely on writing and recording some reasonable quality home demos. I've always enjoyed the creative process of working in a studio and have been quite happy to put my energy into this rather than live performances.

However, around the middle of 2009 it occurred to me that I had quite a back catalogue of songs that have never been released or recorded to their full potential so I formed a band with a view to releasing a good, old fashioned 45rpm on black vinyl. Luckily, the studio I recorded in also had a label and (luckily) really liked what we laid down and the result-"Monkey Trousers"/"Now Your Pain Is Over"-was released in March 2010. It is available to buy from the shop on this website.

Gigs are rare but I will be doing a few promotional performances when any tracks are released. There is already talk of an album.

The tracks you can hear within this website are some of the demos I have recorded over the years. I also make music videos for Groovy Uncle and other bands under the banner of Groovy Uncle Productions. These are also viewable on this website.

I hope you enjoy what you hear and see. Thank you.

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