Beady Eye in Brussels, a review by Vanoo. English version.

Sadly suddenly lonely because Honey dear the hubbie stood me up on the cracked Brussels pavement because of a job's problem... Fook man, he's gonna miss the four letter word maniac...Brussels is a so special place for him, he met Weller here and had a pretty long chat with him in 2001, he met Jean Christophe and Simon here too, Niels from Denmark, the day before they went to Amsterdam... He's stuck in blank exam, he's gonna ask things like "Who is Balzac or Baudelaire?" Fun, fun, fun and funny answers (Balzac helped the people to end the World War 2 in... 1948 and he asked the government to improve the miners working condition" (All is unfortunately true...). Had him on the phone, he could barely speak or breathe, highly upset...So, big buzz around the Brussels' AB, no contest, the city in siege, no one is home!

I'm strolling nonchalantly around the AB trying to sell the extra tickets. Surprise, there was such a buzz around the sold out gig than there's too much tickets! And they're cheap, so cheap I had to leave my Husband's ticket for a ridiculous price... Was looking for a Man' city mad lad or to give a nod a mod to keep it in good and safe hands, a Beady Eye ticket is not a second hand cd, you've got to deserve it. That guy who's not gonna let his parka down all along the gig, whatever the inside heat, is ok! Mods rule. Have to keep the faithful spirit to the missing one... ;)

Can't wait to see Liam and ex Noel's best friends (why did they stay with Liam by the way, not a single one with Noel...?), I'm very near of the stage to listen the Brilliant Miles Kane who turned solo after his Rascals experience. We're between big robbers now, Miles Kanes, Alex Turner's half of the Last Shadow Puppets, could be worst! We were expecting the DodoZ (with a Z), not the DodoS (with a S) and then came Miles! You've probably heard the bootleg, he's been brilliant and classy enough to dedicate Hey Bulldog to Beady eye. There's no album out yet and the audience was sometimes singing along with him. Rare moment, such a great opening act...An English gal' asked me who's the guy... Blame on me, Shame on me, I didn't realize quickly enough it wasn't the dodoZ... I gave her the name as the DodoS... She's gonna hate me if she buys the record... DodoZ, DodoS, GoGos? and it was citizen Kane...

Even when he's not there and even when he's not home with me, he can find a way to bug me with a Weller Attack! That's entertainment was one of the songs played between Miles Kane and Beady! All the crowd sang along... Timeless song, have to admit it! :) That was a cool way to stand the 45 minutes of so called soundcheck, clutching guitars a million times to check the tuning, bang on the drums, etc... And then, ..

The Ultimate Lad was there...Alive, in a good shape, handsome, proud, arrogant, wanker...The set is short, sharp, tight, they play really well and don't forget they have Jeff Wooton on bass and Chis on Drums, pro or ex pro and that kind of guy have played with everyone, for everyone and they can drive the sound very safely. Could be worse to keep the melodic part on the rails. The most impressive part of the set, according to me is than Liam is really back in shape from the vocal point of view, he stopped to bark and to cut the words before the end. Remember What's the Story? and the massive melodic power of his voice. We've all forgot how impressed we've been at the time. Of course, Liam does Liam (I aint't no fookin dancer...) and he stands up, petrified like a statue and he enjoys deeply the roaring crowd, he has won the first leg, he's alive, he's singing, he's back, the band is good. Weller was probably right, maybe the Gallagh' bros said everything they had to say with Oasis, maybe they will be better in separate ways, now. He smiles, kiddin the band, doesn't brag too much, he enjoyed the Beady Eye's birth and it's a success. He will survive Oasis. The Fook preacher is now the Pop preacher (call him The Seeker?) Lights are magical, Liam is mistery, Beady eye is on tour. They're just here, now. No need to think they're back. Oasis could be back, Beady Eye just can't. We're now waiting for Noel, no more for Oasis. Miss Yann.

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