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PledgeMusic provides fans and artists the opportunity to work together to make new records and raise money for charity. By combining new social networking technology, old school music biz know how and an irresistible menu of exclusive incentives, fans can visit the site to hear great new music, enjoy and share unique experiences with the artists they love and actively participate in the release process.

Hey all…welcome to my PledgeMusic campaign.

This will launch toward the end of April 2011!! We are fine-tuning the campaign as we speak but it will look roughly like this….

OCS has been mad with shows lately but over the last couple years, I’ve penned some personal material of my own. This doesn’t mean the end of the band at all, in fact we’ll be back with a full Ocean Colour Scene album very soon, however I just fancied releasing some music of mine own for a change to see what you all thought.

Your pledges for the items and experiences listed here will go towards making the album bigger and better, so in way, we will be making this album together. For your faith in me, I will be posting private updates, that only pledgers will have access to…. videos, mp3’s, photos, blogs… a private diary of the entire album process all for FREE to those who get involved!

The culmination of this process is the fulfillment of all tour pledges, and the release of the album….which you will receive before anyone else!

I will also be donating a portion of the proceeds from the campaign to Strummerville, the Joe Strummer Foundation for New Music for the amazing work they do helping the next generation of aspiring young musicians.

I’ve been blessed by your support over the years and hope this unusual approach rewards you in a much more appropriate way with exciting ideas and unique extra content.

Till then, enjoy the album and hopefully see you at a show very soon.


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