208 Records presents... Simon Wells LP.

Sussex based musician & author Simon Wells is celebrating the release of his first solo album on 208 Records in June 2011. Although best known as an author, with books such as ʻYour Face Here-British Cult Movies Since The 1960ʼsʼ, & the acclaimed Charles Manson biography ʻComing Down Fastʼ, his album entitled ʻSometimes In The Morningʼ, is pastoral, melodic, quirky & reflective of the English countryside where it was written & recorded. Featuring 13 tracks, with acoustic guitar & acoustic rhythm section, Simonʼs own compositions have the feel of The Pentangle, Nick Drake & early Traffic, making this album an instant entry into the classic work of that genre. With sleeve notes by Paolo Hewitt, this is one of the most exciting additions to the largely overlooked library of English pastoral folk for decades.

“A very impressive new album” - Gary Crowley.

Sleeve notes from Paolo Hewitt...
Watch Godʼs breath at dawn slowly invade the Glastonbury hills and seep into Albionʼs earth. I talk of this because I believe the music and the poetry on this Long Player also belongs to Albion, not the Albion of the City and the money lenders, not the Albion propelled by the greed and cheapness that bemuses Harry Greaves so much, but a music hewn from the Albion that seeks beauty and meaning and love and art and wisdom, an Albion of harmony grove, of sunrises that colour our soul and vivid fields we trampoline upon and forests we go to for succour, where the water runs deep and rich and the wind brings us the true Word. An Albion of truth and compassion, an Albion of the soul, an Albion, in other words, for all the world. And knowing you, my fearless fellow traveller, it will remain ever so.

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