A Captain Stax' advice, follow it.

Welcome To Hammondbeat Records...

Hammondbeat Records produces some of the coolest moderne recordings on the planet featuring the finest organ players, backed by the tightest bands and the hottest vocalists. Our music boldly plays notes that build into melodies which before you know become songs that you won't confuse with a blender, vacuum cleaner or "the radio".

Retro, vintage, seventies, analogue, progressive, Jon Lord, funky, jet-set, soulful, rhythmic, lounge, instrumental, Auger, jazz, groovy, raw, power-pop, sixties, filmic, moog, horns, cosmic, library, Schifrin-esque, international, psychedelic, old skool, fuzz guitars, heavy beats...
...is this what you are looking for, living for, lusting for? Then this is your new home.

It's fresh and never frozen. It's today with a love for yesterday. Above all it's never boring. Now, how can we serve you?

~ Kahlil, Paolo, and the Hammondbeat Team

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