Excellent american short stories writer, Richard Lange "Dead boys"...

The characters are not broken yet, they're borderline, not really completely down and they look very real...

(Amazon notice) These hard-hitting, deeply-felt stories follow straight arrows and outlaws, have-it-alls and outcasts, as they take stock of their lives and missteps and struggle to rise above their turbulent pasts. A salesman re-examines his tenuous relationship with his sister after she is brutally attacked. A house painter plans a new life for his family as he plots his last bank robbery. A drifter gets a chance at love when he delivers news of a barfly's death to the man's estranged daughter. A dissatisfied yuppie is oddly envious of his ex-con brother as they celebrate their first Christmas together. Excellent book, available in French too.

Dans la touffeur de Los Angeles, immense fourmilière sans âme, des hommes en sursis sont perdus, " K.O. debout ". Si loin, si proches du paradis hollywoodien, les Iosers magnifiques de Richard Lange aiment, rêvent, picolent, braquent des banques et se brûlent les ailes et le coeur dans une cité des anges qui n'a jamais si mal porté son nom.

Richard Lange and Neil Young:

Richard Lange - Dead Boys

The epigraph that opens Richard Lange's debut collection, Dead Boys, is the opening to Neil Young's "Out on the Weekend":

"See the lonely boy,
Out on the weekend
Trying to make it pay.
Can't relate to joy,
He tries to speak and

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